You can sort of play Smash Bros Ultimate in VR as of today…but only a small portion of the game. With the latest update, Nintendo added VR Toy-Con support… you would need those cardboard glasses to slip the Switch into. Said support amounts to single-player, limited and timed offline matches — can’t go online with it.

What would you really gain from playing a VR version of this 2D title anyway? At the very least, there’s this: the VR viewpoint lets you look around and observe all the detail that went into the arenas — there’s a lot of stuff you don’t get to see from a straight head-on perspective. Stages that take you on a ride, like the Pilotwings stage, look extra-spectacular.

Nintendo’s “embrace” of VR technology hasn’t amounted to much so far. I suppose any company that had a failure like the Virtual Boy would be twice shy, but it’s not 1995 and a legit VR device for the Switch (or its successor, if the processor can’t handle it) would sell big. Nintendo is a much better leader than a follower, though, and whenever they’re forced to follow, they take their sweet time. Thus, they’re content to let Sony take all the VR glory and dabble in little experiments like this.

Previously, Nintendo has added VR modes to Super Mario Odyssey (a series of minigames) and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (the entire game).

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