Shenmue 3 is closer to reality than ever! Yu Suzuki and his development team revealed the first full trailer for the long-anticipated closer to the Shenmue trilogy today. Considering this story was left incomplete on the original XBox, it’s been a substantial wait.

It’s also been quite a wait since the initial reveal of Shenmue 3 over three years ago, during E3 2015. A record-breaking crowdfunding campaign raised over six million toward the project, sending a clear signal people wanted more. Since then the game has remained in closed-door development, with only the occasional screenshot being released.

But we not only got a trailer today, we have a solid release date! Suzuki thinks he can get Shenmue 3 out the door August 27, 2019 — almost precisely one year from now.

Sega most likely chose today to drop this trailer for a reason: it happens to be the release day for Shenmue I and II on the Playstation 4 and XBox One. A year is a long time to wait (and we wouldn’t be surprised to be hit with another delay), but you can get your Shenmue-related kicks on now, without digging out the Dreamcast….and if you don’t remember everything that happened in the first two, it’s new to you!

For the time being, Shenmue 3 is scheduled to be released August 27, 2019. Sure hope it’s good, for I have literally already bought my copy.