Last week, a startling image started circulating around the Internet. It was Steven Universe….with a NECK.

How can Steven Universe have a neck? What was the meaning of it? What abomination hath this world wrought? Turns out there was a simple explanation: the neck-y Steven was the character model from his upcoming movie, which, thanks to SDCC, we now know takes place two years after the last season finale of the show.

Steven is now 16 years old, and Beach City has enjoyed two years of peace. This all comes to a literal crashing halt when a new villain comes down from outer space with a terrifying new weapon capable of extinguishing all life on Earth. The Crystal Gems have just hours to figure out how to stop it!

The songs are one of the best things about Steven Universe, and the movie will have plenty of them. A massive list of musical artists was revealed at the end of the trailer, from series mainstays like Estelle to surprise guest stars like Chance The Rapper.

The time jump revelation deepens the mystery of the series’ status. Rebecca Sugar and crew have sworn the show isn’t cancelled, but if it isn’t, a new season would look VERY different if it took the continuity of this movie into account.

Steven Universe: The Movie airs on Cartoon Network September 2.

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