The Halloween franchise has been through more sequels, reboots and retools than any other slasher series, but with 2018’s simply-titled Halloween, everything was ignored save for the first movie. In this version, Laurie Strode never encountered Michael Myers again (and they weren’t related either) but the trauma of the event drove her to bulk up and train, preparing for the day when he might one day escape prison and come for her again. They did meet once more, Laurie defeated him, and thus ended the Halloween story forever.


Everybody knows Mike Myers DOESN’T die, no matter what reality it is. John Carpenter confirmed this today at SDCC by announcing TWO additional sequels to the 2018 film. Halloween Kills will be out October 16, 2020, while Halloween Ends will follow it one year later on October 15, 2021.

Jamie Lee Curtis will be along for the ride as Laurie, her interest in this character apparently reinvigorated. She tweeted “‘It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.’ Well, my friends and fans….I’m just WARMING UP.” Geez, don’t be so hard on yourself, Jamie, you have an amazing figure for your age. David Gordon Green and Danny McBride will also return.

The one thing Carpenter didn’t confirm was if Laurie’s family would appear in either of these films, but we do know this: Halloween Ends will definitely, definitely be the last Halloween film anyone ever makes.


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