Watch out for the Return of the Killer Shrews! A production crew is shooting on an island where, unknown to them, a boatload of castaways where chomped upon by giant mutant shrews decades ago. Now they’re back! Cheesy B-movie thrills ensue!

This isn’t a parody….well, it kind of is, but it is also an actual sequel to a real film from the B-movie creature-feature era. The original Killer Shrews was released in 1959 and starred James Best as Captain Thorne Sherman, head of an ill-fated boat trip where the passengers washed ashore on an island infested with the titular monsters.

Over fifty years later, Best reprised the role in Return of the Killer Shrews alongside his old Dukes of Hazzard co-star John Schneider. Captain Thorne Sherman has returned to the island, bringing supplies for a TV crew shooting a reality show there. Unfortunately, what HASN’T changed in fifty years is the hungry rodent population.

In addition to Best and Schneider, the film also stars Rick Hurst, Bruce Davison, Jennifer Lyons, Christopher Goodman, Holly Weber, Patrick Moran, Jason Shane Scott, Katherine Randolph, Jeneta St. Clair and Sean Flynn.

Return of the Killer Shrews was released to DVD in 2012, but until now has never been available in a digital format. That changes on October 26, when the flick claws its way onto iTunes. A few days later on November 9, it will be available on Amazon and Google Play too.

More than five decades later, the snarling, blood hungry monsters are back in RETURN OF THE KILLER SHREWS.  Captain Thorne Sherman returns to Shrew Island with a boatload of cargo for a TV crew filming a reality television show.  As the cameras roll, cast and crewmembers start falling prey to strange bloodthirsty creatures, and Thorne Sherman comes face to face with the toothy terrors that have haunted his dreams for so many years. What, or who, could be behind the bloody rampage of the insatiable giant killer shrews?

return of the killer shrews