Three of the best titles in the Resident Evil series will be playable on Nintendo Switch soon. No, the RE2 remake isn’t going there, but three classics from the past are: the Resident Evil 1 remake, Resident Evil 0, and Resident Evil 4.

All three of these titles made their debuts on the Gamecube back in the day, and have reappeared on other systems since. The most widespread of these is Resident Evil 4, which to date can be played on Gamecube, PlayStation 2, Wii, iOS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. However, it has not been published in physical form since the last generation.

There will be a physical edition for the other two, though! Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil 1 will be packed together in Resident Evil Origins Collection for Switch (previously sold in the same form on PS4). Presumably it’s coming out the same day as the digital releases are, but Capcom has not confirmed this. Nor have they confirmed the pricing for each title. (GameStop lists the Origins Collection at $59.99 but hopefully that’s a placeholder.)

Speaking of the release date, it’s May 21. Look for them on the Switch eShop, or in some cases even a retail store.