Resident Evil 4 remake: first look at Ada Wong, Luis Serra and Ashley


Resident Evil 4 Remake drops off it’s 2nd trailer together with a 10 minute footage of gameplay. Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy’s motion capture Resident Evil 2 models were kept, however Leon now has larger eye bags to more closely resemble his original RE4 model Christian Duerre. Ada Wong still sports a red dress, but it is no longer the famous Cheongsam. She is now dressed in a wool sweater  dress. Though more practical than an evening gown, it exposes more skin.

Ashley does not look as useless as her original version anymore. She seem to use guns now, so she is not a complete damsel in distress anymore.

Resident Evil 4 remake 2nd trailer


I have repeatedly completed the original and have noticed several changes. Ashley in the new version no longer has Sandy Cheeks’ voice actor, which is one aspect of the original that I cannot bear. Her replacement voice actor is more approachable and realistic.

Unlike the original, Ashley is not a parody of a spoiled brat. In the first game, Luis Serra served as more of an ally and buddy, but now he comes across as untrustworthy. Luis now speaks with a true Castilian accent. In the original, he had a Mexican accent. In comparison to the original, they also reduced the campiness. Ramon Salazar used to be a villain caricature, but now he has a more somber and sinister in appearance.


The fact that Leon evolved into a super-secret spy who relies on his martial arts training to defeat the Ganados made the scariness of the OG Resident Evil 4 significantly less intense. They made some adjustments, and in the new version , he acts more like Jill Valentine in her Resident Evil 3 remake version. He is not a Mary Sue in any respect, yet he is still a badass. When contrasted with the original material, which had the feel of an exaggerated fever dream, he is now more vulnerable to danger.

Because the gameplay footage looks like it will be fun to play, all of my concerns that I had when this remake was first revealed have been alleviated.

Gameplay Trailer