Wild Eye Releasing is putting out the possession horror film Reawakened on digital platforms next week.

This one starts in a hospital, after the events have gone down. A gang of teenagers went up to the woods for a retreat, and only one — Michele — returned. When she wakes from her coma, she’s immediately questioned, leading to a series of flashbacks revealing what she and her friends found out there.

What they found was a house….a perfectly clean-looking house in the middle of the forest for some reason. It wasn’t made of candy, but it might as well have been…once the kids are lured inside, one of them is possessed by the spirit of an evil witch.

Was the possessed one Michele? Did Michele actually kill her friends? And is the terror really over? (The trailer gives away the answer to that question; don’t watch if you’d rather not know.)

Reawakened stars Steffani Brass (“Six Feet Under”), Brooke Mackenzie (“Everybody Hates Chris”), Tina Cole (The Sixth Friend), Chantelle Albers (Seberg), Dabier (“Black Lightning”), Charlie Ian (Whiplash) and Malcom Matthews (“Juiced”). It was directed by Jose Altonaga from a script co-written by Remy MacKenzie, and it’ll be terrorizing digital platforms starting April 28.

Michele is the sole survivor of a vacation gone horribly wrong, in which several of her friends were murdered. She discovers that she is harboring the spirit of a centuries-old witch inside her, and it’s up to her best friend to find a way to save her soul from eternal damnation.

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