Indie studio Lionbite Games is prepping their story-driven adventure game Rain of Reflections for release on Steam.

A global infertility epidemic has shifted the balance of power and created a dystopian world. In this world lives Wilona, a scientist conducting experiments on one of the last babies on the planet. She begins to question the ethics of experimenting on a BABY and wonders if there’s a better way. And then she starts suspecting not everything she’s been told is the truth.

As Wilona, you’ll sneak around the city trying to get to the bottom of this, You’ll search for clues, hack terminals, fight in turn-based battles and talk to NPCs — that latter activity is more important than you think; your dialogue choices will make a difference in what happens next and which allies you have.

And that’s just chapter ONE! At least three chapters for Rain of Reflections are planned. Each will be a fully contained story that can be enjoyed on its own, but when put together reveal a much larger and sweeping narrative. Chapter 2, in the planning stages now, revolves around a PI in a cyberpunk district called The Cluster. Chapter 3 will follow, about an underground resistance movement called the Infrared.

Dive into this adventure when the first chapter of Rain of Reflections releases on Steam September 20.

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