Yesterday we received our review copy of Rage. Needless to say I was excited to insert this bad-boy into my PS3 and begin exploring the universe of Rage. It didn’t take long before that excitement turned to horror. Rage has serious texture streaming issues on all platforms.

Texture streaming is a pretty common occurrence these days, however most of the time it’s nothing more than a second or two. With Rage the textures never fully load. Every time you look at an object and then look away it has to re-stream all over again. This ends up killing the experience, since one of the selling points of Rage is its varied environments.

Even now the official Rage forums are being littered with complaints from users.

You can view one of the many threads here.

We’ve also included some visual proof below. Despite the PC crowd being the most vocal this particular issue is persistent across all platforms.



Bethesda and id need to come out and formally address the problem.

Have you had any streaming issues? Let us know in the comment section.


  1. its a gorgeous game but the texture issues completely ruins the games amazing graphics. i run it on ps3 and would love to start playing it again but i just dont want to watch it the way it is and am debating weather i should return it for a full refund under my local stores 10 day exchange/refund policy9 luckily i actually have that option as most stores wont fully refund open/played software)
    it also looks worse than the videos that show it above on the ps3 and the texture actually takes longer to load than its shown to. it does on my system an my ps3 is a brand new slim less than 3 months old.
    bethesda/ID, YOU NEED TO FIX THIS BROKEN GAME. an fix it soon. i really do not understand how the game was even allowed to be released in this state, i mean you cant tell me that nobody noticed the texture pop in when they did their final testing, unless they dont do any QA at all. it wouldnt be so bad if id hadnt hyped up this games graphics/engine so much.
    i suppose its not the first game the bethesda have released thats been virtually unplayable, i can think of at least 3 or 4 this year that were released with major issues that meant many people couldnt play the game they paid their hard earned cash for until bethesda decide to pull their finger out an fix it. they should not be allowed to release broken games an continue to sell them, rage should be taken off the shelf an everyone who purchased it offered a full refund until the texture problems have been resolved and the game works properly out of the box. as any other product we buy from a shop has to work or its illegal to sell it if its faulty so why is it different for games, they cant expect everyone to have internet access an be able to update and fix their broken game they just bought at full price,the game should work from the day they buy it without having to update it.
    i can understand minor bugs an glitches can not always be overcome before release an need fixing later on, but something like this an like some of bugs bethesdas other releases have had are just unacceptable. the game was hyped up and marketed mainly on its amazing graphics and it just does not deliver what the producer/publiishers have promised and avertised to us, this in its own right is illegal as its false advertising.

    sort it out ID/bethesda or at least tell the online community what the hell is going with this issue and weather we will actually get what we paid for. i really do hate bethesda an really do not want to buy any more of their games, game devs should not use them as a company as their games always have amjor bugs/issues an lack of communication/ customer service severely damages the game developers reputation. i will now not only be weary/skeptical of buying bethesda games but now also ID software aswell. its just a shame that some of what would be the best games out there are all under bethesdas name, skyrim for example i really want but am dreading actually paying out my hard earned cash for it as its got bethesda all over it so chances are it will be unplayable for a good 3-6 months after its release date or until they get around to fixing wotever is broken in it
    sorry for the rant but ive had enough of buying broken games that should work properly and every game ive bought that has had bethesda anywhere on its box has had some kind of major issue which has ruined the game for me.

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