During the pre E3 conference, gamers saw the much rumoured and speculated Project Beast announced as Bloodborne. Developed by From Software, the Japanese team behind the Souls games, Bloodborne is a new RPG that looks like it will follow in the morbidly dark and terrifying style of the Souls games and Bloodborne will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive and will launch in 2015.

Here’s the first world premiere trailer of first footage from Bloodborne;

Bloodborne challenges players to face their fears, and it’s already looking pretty awesome. The trailer weighs in at a fairly generous 3 minutes and contains some noteworthy action – most excitingly the changing weapon that, who we assume to be, the lead character is killing enemies with. It initially seems to be embedded in an enemy in the form of a saw, before changing into a giant sword and then later in the trailer possibly a gun. One weapon serving multiple functions could add some really interesting gameplay to Bloodborne – a boss battle vulnerable to different attacks for example, forcing you to switch between weapon ‘modes’ on the fly is just one possibility.

Bloodborne looks to be set in a dark gothic town, although this could potentially just be one location in a sprawling world similar to the Souls games. The trailer is looking visually beautiful and shows hordes of what look like infect humans and dogs stalking around the city streets after dark. The trailer finishes off with the star of the show entering a tomb like area with an absolutely huge monster/dragon quietly watching behind.

Bloodborne looks set to be a huge PS4 exclusive as From Software have built up a tremendous reputation with their Souls games for creating huge and extremely difficult RPGs. We’ll have more on Bloodborne as it comes in.

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