Tired of sequels? You’ll be pleased to know that after Pixar gets Toy Story 4 out of their system, they’ve got a lineup of straight unseen original concepts for the next few years. And the first of these, Onward, premieres in theaters next March.

Long long ago, there was a spectacular fantasy world full of wonder, where dragons and unicorns frolicked in meadows of magic. That was, however, long long ago, and our story takes place after the point where the realm has domesticated itself. The elves, gnomes and brownies are still there, but magic has been replaced by machines. Cars, lawn mowers and microwaves now replicate the tasks that might have been accomplished by spellcasting generations ago.

In this muted land live Ian and Barley, two blue elf brothers who hope magic still exists in the world somewhere, anywhere, because it could make the impossible possible — one more day with their father. This first trailer provides no hint of the emotional side to this tale, though….it’s entirely gags.

Tom Holland and Chris Pratt play Ian and Barley respectively, with Julia Louis-Dreyfus providing the voice of their mother. Octavia Spencer is also listed here, but the character she plays hasn’t been revealed yet.

That stick Ian’s holding in the thumbnail sure looks magical to us….maybe their quest didn’t take that long. The meaning of that stick, and more, should be revealed in the months ahead. Pixar’s Onward begins playing March 6, 2020.