Steal or starve? Heal or ignore?
Fight or run? Persuade or kill?
Find the Cure or Give Up and Die?

Pathologic 2 is out now on Xbox One & Microsoft Store. And there’s no one to help you answer these questions.

Pathologic 2 is a polarizing game — while some didn’t get the appeal, many have been calling it one of the best games of the year, and it currently has a rating of 92% on Steam. And the same experience will now be available on the Xbox One!

About tinyBuild
tinyBuild is an indie game developer and publisher.

Five years ago two guys decided to make video games and created No Time to Explain. It was a critical flop, but a commercial success with the uprising of Youtubers driving sales to the game. Since then, tinyBuild has been partnering up with dozens of indies around the world bringing you games like SpeedRunners, Punch Club, Party Hard, Clustertruck, The Final Station, and more.