Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles is now available for Xbox One for a $4.99 MSRP with an additional 10% launch discount! This title is Xbox One X Enhanced with native 4K resolution! This release includes the first chapter containing Story Mode and Battle Mode content! New chapters will be released in 2018 and 2019 as DLC.

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles is an episodic unforgiving survival horror experience that takes place within the Outbreak universe. Death lurks behind each door as you fight to survive with the limited supplies at your disposal. Search rooms thoroughly and make the right choice when to fight – or flee – from the monstrosities. Featuring classic hardcore survival horror gameplay in a directed single-player experience, you’ll need to stay on your toes to stay alive. You have a limited inventory and you’ll need to leverage supply caches to store your equipment for use later. Saving your game is also highly restrictive and you’ll need to locate the means to record your progress as you explore. Camera angles are fixed and the player has the option of using old school tank controls or a modern control scheme. Lydia’s adventure is just the beginning… can you survive the chronicles and determine the fate of the other survivors?

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles is heavily inspired by the classic survival horror genre, including titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. TheOutbreak series was created by a solo indie-developer with a strong passion for survival horror. Each game features brutal difficulty, strict inventory management, diverse environments and terrifying enemies.