Nearly two years ago a little slasher film was released called Happy Death Day. The slasher genre doesn’t usually get big-screen treatment these days, unless it’s based on a successful franchise from 30 or 40 years ago. But after decades of establishing tropes, twisting tropes, parodying tropes, and running everything into the ground, Happy Death Day had finally come up with a new hook for the genre: mixing in Groundhog Day mechanics.

College student Tree (yep, that’s her name) wakes up on her birthday to get hunted down and murdered by an hooded figure in a baby mask. She then wakes up on the same morning, and must relive her birthday over and over until she can figure out a way to stop the killer. As the cycle keeps repeating, Tree (who starts the film as a selfish jerk) learns to be a better person.

The movie did better than anyone expected, especially for an oldschool slasher in the Late Tens. You know what that means….it isn’t over. Just when Tree thought she was out, they PULL her back in!

In Happy Death Day 2U, Tree discovers she caught the killer, but she didn’t stop the loop…and now it’s spreading. When she discovers her roommate is now stuck in the same day, her efforts to interfere pull her in. Now, as the new killer chooses its victims, each one gets pulled into the loop.

Happy Death Day 2U looks like a lot of fun, and a great way to continue the story. It all loops back around February 14, 2019.

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