For instant B-movie attention, just take a random word and add “shark” to the end. Wild Eye Pictures is bringing Ouija Shark to DVD and VOD platforms this spring. The title brings to mind a bunch of girls huddled around a Ouija during a slumber party when suddenly a “dun dun dun” theme starts playing and one of them says “do you hear something?”

That actually isn’t far off from what we’re really getting. The Jaws connection is even directly implied through the poster tagline: “Gonna Need A Bigger Board.”

A crude-looking Ouija board washes up on the beach, a group of teenagers uses it, and they wind up summoning a ghost shark that swims around the air, attacking random people. The shark looks great, and by “great” we mean they used a crude puppet that couldn’t scare a dog. None of this is serious horror, but…that’s the point, as it is with most DVD movies with “shark” on the end.

What danger does a ghost shark really present, though? It would just swim right through you; the worst you’d get is slimed like Bill Murray. But the trailer seems to imply the shark is transporting anyone it attacks to its own dimension, as they simply disappear upon contact. Guess that’s a threat of its own.

Ouija Shark stars John Migliore, Robin Hodge, Christina Roman and Zoe Towne, and was directed by Scott Patrick. You’ll be able to find it on DVD and VOD this May.

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