In the last few months PlayStation Plus has flourished, providing tons of value and early exposure to some of the most highly anticipated games of this year. Today Sony has announced the latest feature arriving to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Susan Panico, Senior Director of the PlayStation Network writes: “Included in the system software update (v3.60) coming tomorrow to PS3, PlayStation Network’s new online storage for game saves feature gives PlayStation Plus subscribers the capability to back up game save data to the cloud”.

While new features are always welcome, I would have preferred a backup for DLC, Downloadable titles, and games saved onto the console via retail discs. Hopefully if this feature takes off, it can be modified to accommodate these requests. PS3 Owners can expect this update to launch March 10th.

What do you think of this addition? Is it something you will use? Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comment section.

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