Those who follow the battle royale scene know Fortnite releases its new content and events in “seasons.” Apex Legends, the latest popular entry in the genre, has followed suit with the launch of their very first season — and with it, the arrival of a new character.

Octane [is] an adrenaline junkie looking for a rush. He never has to slow down with his unmatched speed and self-heal, and his Launch Pad Ultimate Ability lets him take down his opponents from above. In the Legend’s own words, “By the time you see me coming, I’ll be going, and you’ll be gone.” See the man in action in his character video, who can be unlocked via 12,000 Legends Tokens or 750 Apex Coins in the game.

Octane is, in fact, so fast that you can’t get to his YouTube trailer before it’s taken down.

The tradeoff for Octane’s speed is that his boost-bursts cost him a portion of his health. While he also has the ability to regenerate that health, he can’t use his speed while doing so.

Most of Season One’s content — including Octane — can be instantly unlocked with the purchase of a Battle Pass, aka how this free game earns its keep. A Battle Pass can be acquired for 950 Apex Coins or $9.50 in real coins. But earning it through gameplay is also an option, and nothing the Battle Pass unlocks is outright withheld from cheapskate gamers.

Apex Legends is playable now on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.