If anyone remembers the TV show Taxicab Confessions, Raw Fury Games’ Night Call is kind of like a noir version of it. You play a taxi cab driver in the black-and-white, shadow-filled streets of Paris, and your main task in the game is simply to listen to the many stories and rumors told by your passengers. Gather enough tales, and you may be clued in to the truth behind a recent rash of murders….

“We look at Night Call as a strong narrative experience with light resource management and investigation mechanics,” says Raw Fury in its press release. “Its power is certainly in the stories being told by the 70+ passengers you’ll encounter in the back of your cab. Some passengers detail whimsical lighthearted moments, others peculiar and thought provoking, and a few will come into the backseat with very dark accounts exploring themes not often seen in games.”

“Night Call is not one story but rather a collective narrative from all these characters who have something to share and contributing to the greater investigation that you are now charged with being a part of. Will you find the killer running rampant in Paris?”

Taxicab Confessions was a show on premium cable because the kinds of stories that wind up getting told in cabs aren’t generally family-friendly. The same goes here, as Raw Fury has put up a content warning for “Text references to violence, sexual acts, and use of alcohol. Potentially triggering dialogue with themes including tragedy, politics, religion and violence. Use of profanity and potentially offensive language.” Okay with all that? Then play away.

Night Call is available now on PC and Mac via Steam and XBox Game Pass (for the PC version).

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