KOG Games’ free-to-play MMO Elsword is getting an upgrade! All of its characters are getting rebooted with fancy new attack animations, and that’s just the beginning.

If you’re level 10 or up, you’ll be able to participate in the Character Reboot event where you can try out the game’s new skills, earn rewards, and complete daily and weekly quests. The event lasts until July 30, but you’ll want to log on specifically on July 20 (when 3x experience will be awarded), and July 21 (when drop rates will be doubled). Both days also have a bonus of unlimited stamina.

The remodel begins with titular character Elsword, Rena and Eve. See their new, flashy attacks by visiting this page.

The colossal Reboot kicks off with the first round of 3 characters. However, as the Reboot content schedule rolls out, all 13 Characters and their staggering, combined 40 Job Paths (Classes) will all be effected. These adjustments will impact both PvE and PvP content; adding, revamping, and streamlining attack types, evasion, skills and traits across all Characters and Job Paths, featuring new, dazzling animations.

To start off, the base Attack and Defense attributes for all characters will be normalized. Then, the attack types of these characters will be adjusted to focus on their designated specialty (i.e. Physical/Magic). All skill slots and skill traits of the respective, rebooted characters will be reset. New skills will be added for all Character Paths. Attack commands and the priority of these commands will be readjusted for rebooted Characters.

Elsword is available now for PC.

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