Tilting Point and Nukebox Studios are the two developers behind the hit mobile game Food Truck Chef, which tasks you with flipping burgers and serving orders as quickly as possible. Recently Nickelodeon approached Tilting Point and Nukebox and said, “We couldn’t help but notice the job you perform in this game is remarkably similar to Spongebob’s means of employment in our long-running cartoon series. We’d like you to reskin the game as a Spongebob adventure. Here’s a ton of money.”

Tilting Point and Nukebox said “Yes, sir!” and thus we have Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off, where you’re still grilling patties, but as a square porous undersea life form. Other Spongebob characters will appear as your customers and you’ll be competing against other players for the fastest time and best score. You’ll also have the ability to wander outside the Krusty Krab and explore Bikini Bottom, discovering items to jazz up your kitchen when you return.

“SpongeBob has captivated audiences of all ages for 20 years now, and we are thrilled to have access to Nickelodeon’s huge cast of characters and a truly hilarious storyline, while the resources and expertise of Tilting Point have allowed us the freedom to make a fantastic SpongeBob game,” said Amit Hardi, CEO at Nukebox Studios. “We’re honored to bring SpongeBob’s colorful characters to life and are pleased to see how well they fit with our brand of gameplay.”

An exact release date for Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off has not been revealed, but Tilting Point and Nukebox plan to have it done this winter for iOS and Android.

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