Nintendo is releasing three special edition models of its 3DS XL handheld consoles  themed around Super Smash Bros., Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, and a design based on the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

The models were announced on Wednesday during the GameStop Expo in California, according to Nintendo the Super Smash Bros. model will go on sale on September 19 to commemorate the launch of Super Smash Bros. on October 3. The Super Smash Bros. model will feature either a blue or red color scheme with a printed label of the game’s many fighters. On October 10 Nintendo will release another special edition model based on the original NES system featuring an image of the NES controller on the lid of the console.

Lastly, Nintendo will release a Persona Q edition of their console alongside the release of the new game on Nov. 25.

None of the new editions will come with respective games, and each model will be sold for $199.99.

Both the Persona Q and NES editions will be GameStop exclusives, while both red and blue versions of the Super Smash Bros. version will be released to retailers nationwide

The new systems appear to be unrelated to the recent announcement of an all new 3DS system, featuring a better CPU, slideable custom covers and a built-in NFC to connect to Nintendo’s upcoming NFC Amiibo models. Those new systems that will be released in Japan on Oct. 11 while a North American release is still as of yet unannounced.

Michael Turner, director of merchandising at GameStop, believes that the new 3DS designs will be in high demand and announced that GameStop will be accepting pre-orders of the consoles starting Wednesday.

“Nintendo 3DS is a great kid-friendly gaming device with excellent games, and we are pleased to share that these new designs are available for pre-order starting today.”


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