Luke Cage is coming back later this month for a second season, and we’ve got what may be the best clip yet.

As we covered earlier, this season Luke meets Bushmaster, a mysterious fighter who doesn’t need performance enhancers, powerful armor or special Luke-piercing bullets to make waste of him. It’s the first time Luke has truly experienced what it must be like for someone on the other end of his fist. How did Bushmaster get so powerful, and if Luke can’t stop him, who can?

The latest travails of the title character are all good, but to be honest, I’m more interested in what’s about to happen with Detective Misty Knight. Y’see, in the comics she has a supercool robotic arm developed by Stark Industries that allows her to do all sorts of badass things. Now that the events of The Defenders are over and Knight finally lost her arm (took long enough), she can at last become the superheroine cop she was destined to be.

This is the first fight scene involving Misty that we’ve seen from Luke Cage Season 2. She and her new galpal Colleen Wing (aka Iron Fist’s karate-chopping assistant) are lounging around in a bar when some thugs approach them. It’s time for Misty to bust out her new appendage and do some whooping.

Guess what….she doesn’t even need it!

What more could you ask for? Season 2 of Luke Cage premieres June 22 on Netflix.