Are the books in the local bookstore having a tough time keeping up with your reading habits? Let’s face it, the limiting 3 or 4 sci-fi books per week just doesn’t do it for you. You’re sick of reading these mainstream books and would like something a little bit different. If that’s the case, I hope you’re game for these sci-fi books currently listed on NetGalley.

If you’re a hardcore bibliophile, I’m sure you don’t need an introduction. But, for the sake of the rest of the group, here’s a brief explanation. Launched in 2008, NetGalley is a service that “promotes and publicize” books. It’s a wonderful platform for reviewers, bloggers, librarians and booksellers to read new books. And down to the nitty gritty, yes, the service is absolutely free for members. If you have a strong presence online, you’ll be able to access these eclectic titles in no time.

Here are 2 sci-fi books to get you started!


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Read this on your iPad or iPhone. That way, you get the best reading  experience.

It tells the story of a generation of children who are born without speech. Since they cannot tell you their story, we rely on The Silent History.

Extremely  riveting, this is possibly one of the most creepy sci-fi books  around.


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Every morning, a girl waits in her cell to be collected for class. People strap  her to a wheelchair and she has weapons pointing at her. To quote from the  book blurb on Goodreads, this is a “very special girl”.

The Girl with all the Gifts definitely sounds like one of the most spectacular sci-fi (and horror) books in 2014. Even Joss Whedon’s a fan of it. If this looks like  your cup of tea, head down to Goodreads to  enter a giveaway!  Ends June 30,  2014.


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