NBC has announced they’re developing a new primetime drama centered around a vampire. You might think the “twist” hinted at in the title couldn’t possibly be that big a deal. Trust us, it’s truly interesting. But we’ll get to it.

According to Variety the show is called “The Last American Vampire,” and they describe it this way:

A supernatural thriller that follows Abby, a young analyst, as she’s recruited into a special division of the FBI that investigates unique and mysterious cases. While working on her first case tracking a string of bizarre murders she discovers her new enigmatic partner also happens to be a 500-year-old vampire.

Together, they fight crime! Sounds pretty generic, right? It is until you hear this. “The Last American Vampire” will be based on the novel of the same name. That novel was written by Seth Grahame-Smith, and it was a spinoff from his previous book……Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Yes, it not only takes place in the same universe that has a stake-toting Abe Lincoln as the Slayer, it shares the same character (the vampire). So when in this show does it come up in conversation that this guy has met Lincoln, and that he was in fact a vampire hunter?

The project does have some talent behind it: Terry Matalas is writing the pilot and serving as executive producer, and his last project was the excellent 12 Monkeys TV adaption. David Katzenberg is also involved, and he and Grahame-Smith last worked together on….the smash hit IT remake from last year. These guys have cred; can they work their magic on what appears to be a by-the-book procedural?

Only if Abe time-travels from the past with a stake-firing musket.