The Hollywood studio Lionsgate is now adapting the long-running manga and anime property Naruto into a live-action film. Michael Gracey will be directing. The announcement was made at Jump Festa today and pre-production artwork was shown (which we don’t officially have yet to show).

This news is bound to make anime fans cringe, what with the memory of Dragonball Evolution still fresh in their minds. This time, though, series creator Masashi Kishimoto says he’s involved. That could mean anything from “total approval of everything” to “gets to glance at the script and make notes.” We can’t promise you it won’t stink; sorry.

Believe it (!) or not, Naruto is still going. The original manga the anime was based on ended a while ago, but its anime counterpart Naruto Shippuden is still cranking out filler material. This could change, but only by shifting a generation: there’s a new Naruto manga now, this one following the adventures of his offspring, Boruto.

We’ve shared with you all the details that are out there. Lionsgate’s Naruto doesn’t have a release date, and it’s too early to tell if the film will even be made.

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