Mythroll Armory RPG Dice Spinner Kickstarter Launches

The Mythroll Armory RPG Dice Spinner Kickstarter launched today. Have you ever had this problem?

This is less than 1/2 the dice we own. I love my dice and you will pry them from my cold, dead hands. But my love of dice doesn’t mean I can’t love other shiny things too.

How about carrying this around instead?

The Mythroller Armory RPG Dice Spinner - 20/10 Model
The 20/10 Model

Not only does it look cool, but there are also plenty of practical reasons to throw down some cash for the RPG Dice Spinner. I’m clearly a big fan of dice. But, sometimes you don’t want to travel with all of that or even 1/4 of that. Perhaps you’re rolling on a friend’s expensive table or screen and you don’t want to chance damaging it. That’s where this new TTRPG accessory serves a purpose.

There are currently two types of Mythroll Armory RPG Dice Spinner models available through the Kickstarter, the Mythroll 20/10, which serves as your D20 and D10. There’s also the Mythroll 4:6/8:12, which serves as your D4, D6, D8, and D12. The units are constructed with steel parts. The device functions by spinning its top. Once it has come to a halt, you will look to where the red ball bearing has landed and the rings on the base for the correct dice type.

How do you make sure such a device is fair/balanced for use with your favorite TTRPG? According to the creators of this new TTRPG/D&D accessory, they use centrifugal distribution on a flat surface with bearings that abstract results at two levels. The spinner spins at one speed and the bearings turn inside the channel at another varying speed. They likened it to the mechanism that the Wheel of Fortune uses to be as balanced as possible. They are confident in their belief that this alternative RPG Dice Spinner is as balanced as a high-end balanced die.

A Close-up of the RPG Dice Spinner Ball Bearings and Result Rings
A Close-up of the RPG Dice Spinner Ball Bearings and Result Rings

The second and third pledge levels of the Kickstarter (CA $45 / approx. $34 USD) will get you either the 20/10 or the 4:6/8:12. The fourth pledge level (CA $80 / approx. $64 USD) will nab you both models. This is a sleek-looking TTRPG accessory and it has more function beyond the aesthetics of the device. To find out more about the Mythroll Armory RPG Dice Spinner, visit the Kickstarter page.