When the big E3 trailer for Marvels Avengers started playing at E3, we heard a voiceover from a nameless woman explaining the opening plot. There was a lot of speculation over which woman we were hearing. To all those who guessed Ms. Marvel (and there were a fair amount who guessed Ms. Marvel), congratulations — you were right.

There’s been a trend recently in comics of superhero fangirls becoming superheroes themselves. Faith did it, Gwenpool did it, but Ms. Marvel is the predominant face of that particular trend. Because of her adoration for the profession and her idolization of her super-colleagues, Kamala Khan is not “angsty” the way a lot of classic heroes tend to be. She’s a breath of fresh air, and we’re about to see a lot more of her.

For not only is Ms. Marvel going to appear in this game, she’s finally joining the MCU….albeit gradually. Kamala will first be introduced on the small screen before appearing on the big one, with her own show slated for the Disney+ streaming service years down the line. After her show premieres, she’ll play a role in one of the movies, though it’s way too early to know which one.

In Marvel’s Avengers (the game), Ms. Marvel is no side character….she’s the one who pulls the Avengers back together. Not physically (though she certainly could), but through her own encouragement and refusing to give up. After discovering a global conspiracy that would require an Avengers-sized team to stop, she travels the country, rounding them up one by one. Kamala is the first superhero you play as.

You can see Ms. Marvel and the rest of the team in Marvel’s Avengers, coming May 15, 2020 to Playstation 4, XBox One and PC. And Google Stadia.