Monster Hunter XX Comes to the west as Monster

Hunter Generations Ultimate


When Monster Hunter World came out earlier this year, people were hoping for a Switch port to follow. Unfortunately, that never came. However there is a Monster Hunter game on the Switch called Monster Hunter XX that came out in August of last year. However it has been a Japan exclusive with no news on it coming to the west. Now it has been announced that Monster Hunter XX is coming to the west as Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

The highlights of this game according from the announcement include. Local and online play for up to three people. A new Elder Dragon and two new styles called Brave Style and Alchemy Style. A new quest level named “G level” that will challenge the skills of hunters. Finally you are able to link your game from the 3DS onto this game.

The statement talks about how it will be familiar to those that have played Generations on the 3DS and going back to the series beginnings with new twists and takes on the series. Along with what new players to the series can expect from this game.

Though there are criticisms to this release, they are mostly based on timing due to World being released before this came to the west. Which they believe would affect sales of Generations Ultimate. Though thanks to the Nintendo e-shop being region free you are able to get the game in the west. But it was all in Japanese which to many will not understand, however if you played generations it make it slightly easier.

Here is the announcement trailer for the game.

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