In 2013 the stealth-action game Monaco launched on all computer formats (PC, Mac, Linux) and the XBox 360. You and your friends are attempting to rob one of several locations, and it’ll take cooperation — each of you have one specific skill that will come in handy at some point.

The unusual thing about Monaco, for a co-op game, is that it has a rigid storyline. Most of what you’re doing takes place in the past…you’ve already been caught for this, and what you’re seeing (and playing) is a visual recollection of a crew member’s interrogation story. After the first three chapters have completed, the fourth is from the perspective of the police — because the robbers just escaped and they have to hunt them down.

Now Monaco is coming to a new platform….the Switch. Both post-launch campaigns and the zombie mode will be included; none of them have been on a console before.

Monaco is coming to the Switch. It comes with all the post-launch content added to the PC version after launch: A Survival campaign, detailing the origin stories of each of the thieves, a brutal Epilogue campaign that ties up the loose ends of the epic heist story, and a zombie mode, allowing you to play through the entire game again with the guards replaced by a variety of brain-eating zombies. We’ve got Sickhead Games to thank for the port (the guys responsible for the PS4 port of Tooth and Tail). They did an amazing job.

The Switch version supports couch co-op, local networked play (multiple devices playing on a local network over wifi), and of course online play. Play with controller in any configuration, including one player on each joy con.

Monaco: Complete Edition will be available on the Switch eShop October 21.

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