A long long time ago, Sony promised a suspend-and-resume function for the Playstation 4: if you were interrupted while in the middle of an intense battle, you could just hit a button and return to the exact point in time later, no matter where in the game you were. The XBox One has had such a feature since launch. The PS4 just had the promise it would happen eventually.

Tomorrow, Sony’s new PS4 firmware upgrade will finally add this feature, as well as some new features XBox players will be jealous of. The PS4 will become the most customizable console to date. You’ll be able to reassign button functions for the controller. Video uploads will be possible for Dailymotion as well as YouTube. You’ll gain the ability to zoom in, change the text to any size, and have any portion of text played as speech. These features will open up the userbase to thousands of people who want to play more games, yet have seeing or hearing disabilities that make it difficult.

The update also upgrades the PS4’s social functions considerably. On the What’s New feed, a new tile will show you exactly what your friends are playing and if any are currently playing at that moment. Trophies will be more organized and can be sorted into date-of-achievement order, grade order or anything else you find convienient. A new feature will automatically take a screenshot when a Trophy is earned and offer the option to brag about it online…though it should be noted if you take every opportunity to post to Facebook when the PS4 tells you to, your friends will get annoyed with you pretty quickly, and you’ll wind up having less of them.

Similar features will also be added to the Playstation Vita and Playstation App when their respective firmwares are updated around the same time.

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