Last month, Square Enix livestreamed what they deemed the first Marvel’s Avengers War Table. It was a chance for followers of the upcoming online multiplayer game to watch live gameplay footage and learn new info. The first War Table revealed the identity of the game’s big villain (it’s MODOK) and explained how team missions, called War Zones, would work. If you missed it, we’ve embedded it below.

Now the second War Table has been scheduled….on July 29 the team will assemble again. This time we’ll find out what awaits in the upcoming Beta Program. “Fans can anticipate several exclusive new videos that will dive deep into the content that will be included in the beta,” says Square, “as well as insight about the design and creation of Marvel’s Avengers. Attentive viewers may also spot hidden details inserted to whet their appetite for future content and announcements.”

Don’t you need a preorder to take part in the Beta? Only if you want to be first. Those who plunk money down for the game will gain access from August 7 through August 9, exclusively on the PS4. A wider beta program open to all PS4 owners will be held one week later, from August 14 through August 16.

Also on August 14, the closed beta for XBox owners with preorders will be held; it will last the same span of time. Finally. one immense open beta test will he held for everyone at once from August 21 through August 23. Marvel’s Avengers itself comes out September 4.

For all the new details, tune in July 29 at 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM Eastern, same Bat Channel….er, we mean, Hulk Channel?