Wild Eye Releasing has published Don’t Look, a new slasher film from director Luciana Faulhaber, on DVD and VOD.

Faulhaber confesses to being a fan of 80s slasher films and wanted to try making her own, only with one improvement: usually most of the female characters in these movies are useless, with the exception of the one that survives. The women in Don’t Look are written as more than just props. Says Faulhaber, “It was important for me to create work that shows the female characters as they are in real life – none of us are waiting to be saved by some Prince Charming.”

As for the plot, you likely already know what it is: a group of giggly teenagers drive out to the middle of nowhere to party, and wind up being targeted by some murderous maniac. What Don’t Look lacks in originality, it makes up in intent.

Director Faulhaber also stars in the film alongside Jeff Berg, Jarrod Robbins, Curtis K. Case, Lindsay Eshelman, and Javier E. Gómez. It’s now available on DVD as well as Amazon, Fandango, Google Play, and Comcast, and will also be viewable on Vudu and Cox later this month.

Luciana Faulhaber’s unique, female-directed twist on horror films “Don’t Look” has been released on VOD and DVD from Wild Eye Releasing.
Scripted by Jessica Boucher and Danielle Killay, “Don’t Look” centers on five New York City Millennials who escape the big city for a rustic Thanksgiving weekend in the country. But as will happen in horror, something threatens to shatter their peaceful getaway and they are targeted for murder.

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