Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest—-wait, this game isn’t about that kind of kite? It’s a video game term that mainly applies to shooters? OK.

The act of “kiting” in a video game is when you move away from your target while simultaneously firing at them. The technique was pioneered as a strategy in the arcade classic Robotron 2084, the first game with twin-stick controls that made kiting possible. In a game named KITE, you’ll expectedly be doing a lot of kiting.

As Mags – a well-equipped H.O.R.D. (Human-Operated Remote Droid) pilot – your mission is to preserve the blanket of peace surrounding the world. To do so, you’ll engage in the gunplay-ballet known as ‘kiting’ – dashing away from mobs of rebellious bots while blasting through lush, destructible environments.

Mastering the fast-paced combat style means the difference between being a survivor … and becoming scrap! With a variety of swarming enemies such as Charge Bots, Slice Bots, Bouncing Betties, Crab Bots, Hyper Turrets and Prox Mines in your way, surviving won’t be easy.

Utilize 100+ craftable weapons and items to enhance your battle Droid. Bring your combat capabilities to the next level by learning skills from a vast 76-point skill tree. Power up a slew of upgrades and special abilities – providing all the tools necessary to kite enemies into oblivion!

* Smash and explode your way through destructible pixel art environments.
* Craft over 100+ items and weapons with help from rescued scientists..
* Customize by investing levels in a massive 76-point skill tree.
* Enhance your battlefield prowess with a vast array of upgrades and special powers.

You can buy KITE right now if you really want it — this announcement is calling attention to the fact that it’s almost done. The game has been in beta form through Steam Early Access for the last few months…on March 7 it’ll be officially sold on the main site. HOWEVER this is why you should wait: the finished version will be discounted 20% during its first week! You can nab it for $7.99, instead of the regular price of $9.99.

Here’s the KITE launch trailer.

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