Kingdom Hearts is set to make a big splash at E3 2018 with new footage of Kingdom Hearts III, and hopefully, a release date for the title. However, that doesn’t mean that the other properties in the franchise are going unnoticed. Square Enix has revealed that their mobile title, Kingdom Hearts Union xCross, has just gotten a big update, one that including PVP for the first time in the franchise’s history.

How PVP will work in Kingdom Hearts Union xCross is simple, you’ll get locked into a battle, and then get to choose multiple Keyblades for you to use. You’ll each get a chance to do massive damage to the other. The player that does the most damage wins the round. If you win two rounds, you win the match. You’ll also be ranked via your victories and the more you do, the more rewards you will get.

The following features are also implemented with the arrival of the v2.6.0 update:

  • 7-star Medals – All medals which can be used in battle can now be evolved to 7-star rarity to greatly strengthen their power. Players must collect newly added materials in order to successfully evolve medals.
  • New Keyblade Feature: Subslots – Players can now utilize more medals in a single Keyblade. Equipping 7-star medals into a Keyblade’s subslots will strengthen the primary slot’s power multiplier and provide deeper customization and strategy.
  • ‘Skip’ Feature in Story Quests – Players who have taken a break from story quests can now catch up even more quickly with the new ‘skip’ feature. Completing any level within a specific questline will unlock all quests in that group, allowing players to complete the latest stages first and return to complete previous stages thereafter.
  • Easier Keyblade Upgrades – Keyblade upgrades for the first 25 levels now require less materials, allowing new players to strengthen their Keyblades with ease.
  • Keyblade Optimize Feature – A new optimize feature will automatically outfit a Keyblade with a powerful medal setup—useful both for new players seeking advice, and for veteran players battling through Proud Mode.

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