Kingdom Hearts 3 is now less than two months away, and today Square took the covers off their new opening cinematic. This is what you’ll see every time you turn on the game, unless you push X repeatedly in an effort to get to your game as most people do.

Hikaru Utada is back — she did the opening themes for both Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. But this time, she had assistance in the form of Skrillex. Yep, Skrillex is a big Kingdom Hearts fan and really wanted to get involved, and square didn’t see why they should stand in his way. That means this new theme (which is called “Face My Fears”) has more of an EDM flavor, as opposed to the Britney-era pop stylings of “Simple and Clean.”

If you like the track enough to want a separate purchase, it’ll be out two weeks before the game, on January 18, 2019. Preorders are open right now if you’re THAT impatient. Kingdom Hearts 3 itself comes out January 29.

Internationally renowned singer-songwriter Hikaru Utada and eight-time Grammy Award winner Skrillex lend their talents to the opening movie of KINGDOM HEARTS III, the highly anticipated new title from SQUARE ENIX® and Disney.

The opening movie sets players up for the events to come in KINGDOM HEARTS III, as the ultimate battle for light and life comes to an epic conclusion. With the help of his loyal companions Donald and Goofy, Sora will team up with iconic Disney and Pixar characters in an attempt to defeat the darkness and save the universe.

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