The original Kickstarter that launched the tactical RPG board game known as Kingdom Death raised an impressive $2 million and change. Last November a new campaign for an expansion, called Kingdom Death: Monster, appeared, and blew through that original total in no time, then continued climbing. This week, Kingdom Death: Monster blew past the record set by Exploding Kittens to become Kickstarter’s most successful campaign ever!

Kingdom Death is a tactical RPG board game where the goal is survival. You and your friends play members of a tribe that lives in a harsh world full of monsters, and the only way to stay above ground is to fight and kill those monsters to gather the resources their bodies provide. The difficulty is brutal, but some people like that sort of thing. That’s how you play, but the attention comes from how unusual everything is about it.

For one thing, it’s heavy. The original Kingdom Death box weighed so much with everything that retail stores couldn’t stock it on their shelves. This edition is even heavier, packing in over 17 pounds’ worth of cards, lavish artwork, and beautifully rendered figures. There is a substantial amount of effort put into the art and figures (we’d show you more than this, but much of it involves nudity).

And the campaign still isn’t finished! As of this writing there are less than three days left, but the total is still climbing and you can still reserve a copy and some of those stretch bonuses. Join the crowd here.


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