Today is the day….the day the dinos return with a vengeance. High Octane Pictures has released Jurassic Thunder onto DVD and digital.

Here’s what we’re talking about…the movie is a satirical farce about a hypothetical World War III where the American army decides that cloned dinosaurs would give them a tactical edge. Except that wasn’t apparently enough, so they stick mounted machine guns and cameras on their heads, and then set them loose in enemy territory.

Well, the dinos make short work of the enemies, but they don’t appear to be on our side either. That’s because….they’re dinosaurs. Their brains are the size of walnuts, and lacking a sense of the big picture, their real only thought is where the yummy meat is.

So while we got rid of the enemy, we now have an even worse problem. Whose idea was this anyway? ….Well, Trump’s in the trailer (not literally). Jurassic Thunder stars Heath C. Heine, Rick Haak, and Jon Cotton, and was directed by Milko Davis and Thomas Martwick. It’s now available wherever quality cinema is sold.

When a covert desert base is forced to divert World War III against a formidable adversary, a group of commandos and weaponized dinosaurs are hired to get the job done. Heath C. Heine, Rick Haak, Jon Cotton star in a film by Milko Davis and Thomas Martwick.
From the director of Tsunambee comes The Jurassic Dead, Available on DVD and Digital March 10, 2020 from High Octane Pictures.

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