The cancellation of mass gatherings in 2020 has resulted in a lot of creative solutions for those who don’t want to give up. Usually this means a “virtual” convention where the events are streamed live to a captive home-bound audience. The upside to this is that it means a lot of people who couldn’t otherwise attend these events, due to living far away from where they’re held, can now experience them from anywhere in the world.

So it is with the Tommy Stathes Cartoon Carnival, a monthly New York City film festival with ninety installments to its record. Those screenings have been on hold for the last few months as New York remains under heavy lockdown and Tommy had to figure out an alternate solution. He’s announced the Carnival is back — and streaming online!

For our May program, your head Cartoon Carnie must rely on whatever 16mm prints are laying around at home, since traveling out to off-site storage is much too risky! Thankfully, there are lots of goodies readily on hand. Venture deep into these cluttered studio apartment film stacks with us for nearly two hours fun and rarities, featuring notable 1920s animation icons like Felix the Cat Koko the Clown, as well as Golden Age superstars including Porky, Bugs Bunny, Little Lulu and others. Don’t worry—there will be a few fun obscurities thrown in for good measure as well.

The 91st Tommy Stathes Cartoon Carnival will be held on Saturday, May 23, 2020, at 2 PM Eastern. The presentation itself is estimated to be 2 1/2 to 3 hours in length. You can buy tickets for the private stream now at And for news and alerts relating to future Carnivals, follow the Tommy Stathes Cartoon Carnival Facebook group at

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