Super League Gaming, the global leader in competitive amateur gaming, has announced the appointment of John Boyden as senior vice president and general manager of the company’s premium subscription service Super League Prime.

Mr. Boyden joins the company with the primary focus of overseeing Super League Prime and the company’s offerings and programs within gaming centers. With a base of more than one million registered users, Super League has created trusted relationships across a wide spectrum of everyday competitive gamers, and this key executive will work to further the company’s focus on delivering a best-in-class subscription experience to its expanding audience.

Before joining Super League, Boyden was pivotal in the launch and growth of multiple successful consumer digital services and subscription products for globally-recognized brands. In addition to roles at Smartlabs/Insteon and Defy Media, he served as vice president of digital marketing and retention for Guthy-Renker, one of the all-time leading subscription-commerce companies known for such brands as Proactiv and WEN Haircare. He led all consumer-facing digital-retention initiatives for the company’s top four product lines, which generated nearly $2 billion in annual sales and 15 million packages sent to customers each year. Boyden’s experience also includes having been responsible for carmaker Tesla’s early digital marketing initiatives, designing the original interface for streaming music service Pandora, and being a co-creator of the wildly popular trivia game series “You Don’t Know Jack.”

Boyden will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Prime program, ensuring its contribution to the growth of Super League as a whole. Within his area of focus will be articulating the specific value proposition for both players and partner gaming centers, managing subscriber acquisition and retention, defining product features and priorities, designing user experience and player engagement systems, and overseeing Prime brand positioning.

Powered by proprietary software, membership with Super League connects gamers to the world’s premier amateur gaming community, giving them the opportunity to track and share their achievements, have access to always-on gameplay, participate in competitive and social gaming events, and earn rewards. For those who crave more, Super League Prime is a $7.99/month subscription service that benefits the most passionate players by offering exclusive rewards and prizes, exciting Prime-only events and tournaments, and valuable perks, all designed to make gaming together and with Super League the best possible experience.

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