Well, the power of the internet has struck again, this time coming from the set of the highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War, and apparently they stumbled upon what could be a big scene in the movie. A funeral scene.

According to Heroic Headlines, “On Tuesday, May 12th, Captain America: Civil War will be filming what is simply being referred to as ‘a funeral scene’ in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The production is currently operating under the working title of Sputnik, and extras are being asked to wear formal, solid black attire for the event. The weather forecast for Tuesday is a cloudy day, with thunderstorms throughout the afternoon, making for a sullen, grim funeral.”

So yeah it would appear someone dies in some way shape or form. Now in the original Civil War comic, it was Captain America who died. Ironically, it was after surrendering himself to the authorities for leading the rebellion against the superhero registration act. He was shot and killed via a sniper and a brain washed Sharon Carter on the way to the courts.

Now, it’s unclear if Cap is the deceased here, but it is a logical step given the title of the movie, and many acknowledge that Steve Rogers will have to leave eventually so that Bucky Barnes can become Captain America.

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