Quodd Heroes is an interesting twist on the traditional board game…you play as the dice! Or rather, you play as Quodds, six-faced cube-shaped creatures that tumble around the game’s grid. Each face allows a different action to be taken, whether it’s move horizontally, move diagonally, or activate a special move via a card.

Become an astounding cube-shaped character that moves by tumbling and has a different skill assigned to each face of its cube-shaped body. Then, mix in incredible ability upgrades, a fantastic array of power-ups, devices, pets and ancient powerful runes. Finally, choose one of the many different scenarios to setup your adventure and you’re ready for action and mayhem in the beautiful, dangerous, and unpredictable world of Quoddria!

Quodd Heroes may look like it has a simple premise, but be warned…this is one of the more complicated and involved tabletop games we’ve shown here. This seven-minute video goes into some of the details…

The Kickstarter for Quodd Heroes is now active and has already earned over three times its goal with sixteen days to go! Contribute and get a copy here.