There are many “escape the room” games on the market these days. A simple search on any game or app store will give you dozens of options, some good, and some bad. However, most of them are Japanese, and that comes with the usual translation errors and issues. Fortunately, there are a few domestic games in the genre such as Inner Riddle.

Inner Riddle Lets You Adventure While Escaping Traps

Inner Riddle comes from the indie developer Growfall Studios. According to their website, the game is a “single-player puzzle game with escape the room features“. It places you in control of a kidnapped journalist who has to figure out how to escape his locked prison cell. Game play has you solving puzzles to explore some strange medieval-style places as you discover the secrets of this strange world and the disappearances of other people. GrowFall plans to have the game available on Steam, in both English and Russian, sometime by next year.

Not bad for an indie title. GrowFall Studios may have something here if they can pull it off. They are just a small team though, and this will be their first major title. They have a few other, much smaller games on Steam called “Bit Bullet” and “Snake, Snake, Snake!“, but neither game has the scale that comes with something like Inner Riddle.

Indiegogo Campaign Launch Scheduled for June 2

Despite their enthusiasm, GrowFall still needs to fund their project, and they started an Indiegogo campaign for it. The page was not up during the writing of this article, but the development team declared that they will offer expanded content to their backers. They even plan on adding a “horror mode” if they receive enough funding. This mode would add extra horrific atmospheric events, puzzles, plot, and endings to the base game. If you want to check out their offering, you should be able to visit their Indiegogo campaign sometime this weekend.