Well, this is a curious thing. Arkade, a gaming peripheral manufacturer, has just launched a big Indiegogo campaign for a new product: a bazooka-shaped peripheral called the Arkade Motion Blaster. It’s bright and loud with bumps and colors, and if it wasn’t for one specific element, this thing would look like it stepped right out of the 90s.

arkade motion blaster

That element is the phone you plug into it. The Arkade uses the screen of any smartphone as a portable monitor for your PC games. Then its sensors act as your camera controls, so you can tilt the device around as if you were really aiming in the game. The Arkade is compatible with Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Halo, Rainbow Six, Counter Strike, PUBG, Fortnite and hundreds of other popular titles.

The Arkade also runs mobile games as well….at least, those of the FPS variety. Candy Crush wouldn’t work very well, but the device runs over 40 of the top first-person shooter games on Android. For PC, it works with Steam games through Steam Link, and is also compatible with Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, GeForce Now.

You can get an Arkade Blaster for a $99 Indiegogo pledge, or if you act quickly, a $75 Early Bird pledge (as of this writing, about 700 are still available). Paint variants like the Demonic Blaster and PewDiePie Blaster are also offered (Felix is an official spokesperson for the Arkade).

The Indiegogo campaign for the Arkade Motion Blaster launches today and runs through April 24. Here’s the trailer, it’s…pretty silly.

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