A few months ago, Disney announced Indiana Jones 5 was on their schedule, due out July 10, 2020. Shooting would have begun next April on the film, with Harrison Ford set to reprise the role. Now that’s not happening, at least not as soon as they planned.

Variety says Indiana Jones 5 will be facing a delay of months, possibly pushing it out of 2020. The reason for the stall: they aren’t happy with the current script. Jonathan Kasdan, son of Lawrence Kasdan (who wrote the original Raiders film) has been tapped to tinker with the story a bit. Currently, he hasn’t even started writing yet — they’re working on closing the deal with him.

One thing should be made certain: this project will not be cancelled. Indiana Jones WILL return to theaters eventually; he’s too valuable a property for Disney to just let sit around. Steven Spielberg is also returning (Lucas will be sitting at home, thank God) .

Now the only question is: How old will Harrison Ford be when Indiana Jones 5 finally begins shooting? Will he be carrying around an oxygen tank as he punches commies? Stay tuned….