There are a lot of Metroidvanias out there, but perhaps none more a labor of love than Horace, created over a span of seven years by one man.

Paul Helman previously worked on games like Die Hard Trilogy and Terracon, but he was burning to take the wheel. He had a vision of a game so strong that he just had to quit his job and make it himself (presumably, if it took seven years, he either got another job or had a large walk-in freezer stockpiled with meat).

Now a near decade’s worth of work has resulted in Horace, described as “a stunning throwback to Metroidvania classics, with challenging puzzles, tough bosses, dozens of minigames and a touching story complete with handcrafted cinematics.”

505 Games, publishers of Horace, came up with an interesting campaign to call awareness to it. The final price of the game at launch has not been announced, but it will depend on how many people wishlist Horace prior to its release. If 1,000 people wishlist Horace, the game will be 10% off in its first week. If 50,000 do so, it will be 25% off. The highest tier possible is 200K, which would knock the game off by 75%!

We won’t know what the final results are until tomorrow, when Horace launches on Steam. Remember, this took seven years of independent labor. Make Helman’s effort worth it!

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