Social distancing and quarantining makes horror films as hard to shoot as everything else, but the creative minds at Hex Studios have come up with a clever solution. They’re holding an open contest for DIY horror shorts made by those confined to their homes, about one minute in length.

The contest is being held by Hex’s YouTube channel, Hex Studios, which launched last month and already has over 400,000 followers. It doesn’t matter how bad your camera is (any phone is acceptable) or how insufficient the natural light is in your bedroom (for some stories, that can work to your advantage). Anyone can submit a short, and they can submit as many as they want.

“At Hex, we’re passionate about making film accessible to all,” says Lawrie Brewster of Hex Studios. “Being based in Fife, Scotland, far from the traditional hubs of industry, we understand the difficulties of being a creative on the fringes. It can be very isolating. We’re very lucky these days to have the tools to collaborate together online, whatever our geography, so we wanted to harness those tools to connect aspiring creatives, and also to give their work a platform with our growing YouTube channel. That’s really what Channel Hex is all about.”

The deadline to submit your DIY horror shorts is May 25. Channel Hex will showcase the winners during the Channel Hex Online Film Festival in early June.

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