Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft’s first expansion will bring with it more than 100 additional cards. The card game, based on the World of Warcraft universe, already has around 500 different cards but Blizzard wants to ensure that users do not get bored with Hearthstone due to a slow pace in releasing new content.

In an interview with Polygon Jason Chayes, production director for Hearthstone, explained what they are planning with the new expansion. “I think we’re going to mix it up a little bit with this next release, which will be our first expansion,” Chayes said. “It will have a lot more cards. We’re talking about more than 100. We are going to have a central theme for how that will all fit together. That’ll be the next thing coming up.”

While Chayes did not give a release date for the expansion he did reveal that information about it would be released in the near future. The best bet would be that an announcement could come at this year’s BlizzCon expo which starts November 7.

The expansion will not be the first added content for Hearthstone. In July, Blizzard began releasing new cards every week for five weeks in an event called the Curse of Naxxramas. Eventually made 30 additional cards were made available through the add-on for players to collect along with new, that and the addition of challenges were well received by critics and fans.

Blizzard are also working to bring the World of Warcraft spin-off to even more platforms. The game was released for iPad back in April and gives players full access to their account, much like on the PC. A release for other iOS devices and Android based smartphones and tablets are also currently under development and should release sometime before the end of the year although Blizzard have not given specifics. The delay in releasing Hearthstone on these devices is down to getting is largely down to getting the game to run and display correctly on a wide range of devices according to the developers.

Hearthstone initially launched for PC and Mac on March 11, 2014. The free-to-play game allows players to build up decks using in-game currency or real-life money and then use their cards to battle other players online through Battle.net.  Upon launch the game received a strong positive critical reception with praise concentrating on the simplicity and ease of gameplay as well as its surprising depth.

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