Next month Double Beast Publishing will be printing Hazel & Holly, a new adult fantasy book from award-winning author Sara C. Snider that Double Beast describes as “a quirky and whimsical fairytale for grown-ups.”

Set in a forested community called the Grove where witches and warlocks live, the titular characters Hazel and Holly spend their days practicing their elemental skills until one day, their long-lost and probably-evil father returns from out of nowhere. He uses the forbidden skill of necromancy to steal the soul of Hazel and Holly’s dead mother, then splits.

What he wants with his dead wife’s soul, the press copy doesn’t say, but Hazel can’t let it stand. She’s willing to track her father down and undo the spell by herself if she has to, but she’d rather it not come to that. After Holly introduces Hazel to her new friends, a duo of dysfunctional warlock brothers, they all agree to team up and venture out of the Grove on a rescue mission….but it’s dangerous out there.

To find out more you’ll have to read Hazel & Holly. It’s coming from Double Beast Publishing May 16.

hazel & holly

Hazel will do whatever it takes to stop her father and save her mother’s soul, even if it means turning to necromancy, even if it means losing her friends… because they would never help a necromancer. Would they?

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