Today is the day Halseo’s Battery Jam makes the leap from PC to Switch! Splatoon meets Bomberman in this crazy, fast-paced overhead battle arena.

Battery Jam is made up of four-player matches that take place on a grid-based battlefield. Color-coded robots named Turbo, Rocket, Love, and Slug (you decide which you are) take to the field and start heading for the Boomboxes on the field. As in Splatoon, your goal is to dominate the playfield with your color by the time is up. You’ve got explosive Boomboxes that perform the job nicely, but only if you can get to them first!

Though Battery Jam is intended as a multiplayer game, you can play a single-player match with literal bots. One to four players are supported. There are eight different playing fields in Battery Jam, and they can each be played in one of several different modes, including the original territory mode and deathmatch mode. All settings in the game are adjustable, so you can tailor the rules and odds of a match to your liking.

  • Battle your friends in Free-for-All or buddy up for Team Mode!

  • Pit yourself against AI bots in any game mode or variation! Use them to learn the game, to have fun on your own, or to fill out a match with friends!

  • Compete in different game modes like Original Territorial Mayhem, Classic Deathmatch and more!

  • Tweak the way you play with a dozen settings, including Infinite Energy, Match Length and Fast Mode!

  • Play on a eight different levels for a unique experience in each match!

Battery Jam is out on Switch right now, for the same price as its PC relative — $14.99.